A UK Housing Association approached risual Limited with a vision in mind to meet organisation requirements. The organisation had recently implemented Microsoft Office 365 across the organisation systems but have no internal knowledge on how to use it to its full potential.

The Housing Association organisation is a relatively small organisation with a small budget, who simply did not have the time or resource to expand its understanding of Microsoft applications. Upon engaging with risual, both organisations were able to work together to underpin the initial problems that needed to be resolved. The Housing Association organisation had 200+ staff who were unable to navigate and effectively use Office 365.

risual engaged with one of its training partners, Tablet Academy to take the Housing Association organisation through a very structured and tailored training programme. The Tablet Academy have visited the organisation’s headquarters to assess where the company is with its digital skills – by completing a skills audit, the tablet academy was able to assess where the organisation needed further training and support.

The project will allow for 200 employees to be trained in the relevant areas for Microsoft Office 365, including OneDrive, OneNote and document collaboration working in SharePoint. Due to the tailored training, the organisation will see a vast amount of benefits in the organisations:

  • Efficiency – They will see a huge increase in staff efficiency, allowing each individual to be able to use the applications to its highest potential.
  • Time management – The IT Technical department will immediately be able to monitor their workload and effectively use their hours more efficiently due to less issues being raised.
  • Sustainability – An organisation who don’t have a big budget will now be able to sustain the Office 365 environment and use it to best suit them.
  • Collaboration – With approximately 200 end users being trained on the software, it will automatically increase the collaboration across the offices, with everyone being able to work on the environment correctly and productively.

risual are continuing the engagement with the Housing Association to continue supporting the company save costs and increase efficiency. The organisation are now looking into the risual Open EDX Platform, which will allow for ongoing learning, and expand the company with further training and development.

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