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Moving to Software-as-a-Service model can help save capital expenditure and allow your business to minimize risk on new services.

Digital Disruption Delivered

risual’s solutions businesses focus on developing industry aligned, transformational software-as-a-service for customers. Nimos and Akin are our award-winning showcase business applications which are public and commercial sector focused respectively, both using the wealth of technology available in Azure and Dynamics 365 to offer actionable, changeable change to business processes through technology.


The benefits of Software-as-a-Service

You have almost certainly used a from of SaaS in your personal computing, from web-based email service such as Outlook and Hotmail to music and entertainment services such as Spotify and Netflix. You log in to your account over the Internet and software is located on the service provider’s network, your account and all data stored there as well.

For organisational use, it works in a very similar way, the organisation pays a subscription to give users access to these services. The applications can vary hugely in terms of size and scale, from marketing automation services used by a single department, to customer relationship management tools used by every device across the organisation. With SaaS, you are not responsible for the infrastructure, maintenance or code of the service and simply pay to enjoy the benefits without the admin behind it. This approach is being used more and more by organisations looking to increase the services they can offer to end users in a secure manner.

Bespoke risual Application Development

If your business has a need for an application, or have a legacy application that needs upgrading. Why not consider moving to a cloud based service application to save infrastructure costs. risual has an internal application development team, working in line with DevOps methodology, our App Dev team sits within our managed service team, meaning they adhere to the same award-winning quality standards and customer satisfaction service requirements, meaning quicker deployments, faster testing and agile development.

We can build, test and deploy straight to the cloud in a managed environment, meaning a clean build with quicker turnaround for improvements and updates.

nimos – Safeguarding and Social Care

nimos applications are specifically built to aid public-sector service issues and offer direct and measurable benefits to various organisations such as the NHS, Safeguarding Boards and social services. Each solution ensures intelligence, concerns or data is handled digitally and securely to enable the efficient and consistent delivery of interventions and services.

nimos Social Care Manager is a case management solution which enables mobile working, real time dashboards and automation of administration.
Guardian Manager tackles the issue of ‘whistleblowing’ and reporting concerns regarding safety or care quality within the NHS and other first line care organisations.

The nimos Safeguarding solution enables users across multiple organisations including the public, commercial and voluntary sector to raise concerns regarding child or vulnerable adult safety and wellbeing.

akin – Customer Experience and Messaging

akin is a platform, which gives retailers or hospitality businesses the ability to give their own customers access to offers, news and products relevant to them. Providing customers with the VIP experience by equipping salespeople with strong knowledge of their profile, interests and purchase history. Built on the cloud, there is no need for managers to stay in the back office, akin connects all users with from anywhere, work on mobile, desktop or tablet. Available on Windows, Android, and iOS.

Akin is an out-the-box transformation of how a business interacts with and understands customers. The app is tailored to suit the customer experience, down to colour, brand and even a library of features to choose from. The application works directly with your CRM systems, there is no need to start afresh with a brand-new CRM solution as akin can integrate directly into an existing system. Akin then offers enhanced reporting, profiling and communications to build and a brands community.

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