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Looking back

risual was founded in 2005 on the values of honesty, openness and trust. Set up by two young entrepreneurs, Alun Rogers and Richard Proud, the business still champions these values today. All employees are encouraged to conduct themselves in accordance with our values and treat co-workers, customers and those in the community with the respect they deserve. We never have and never will take on work that is not beneficial to the customer. We have challenged and will continue to challenge ourselves, our customers and our business leaders to do more with technology to improve the world we live in.

Looking forward

Despite tremendous success over ten years, we are not interested in slowing down. Our policy is firmly built around continuous investment and organic growth and as we grow we find new challenges to overcome and new technologies to understand.

We will continue to invest heavily in our consulting business; we believe that in a world of cloud technology, people need business guidance from experts more than ever. It’s not always easy deploying technology and it can be even more difficult and confusing deciding which to deploy and why.

Our solutions business is growing hugely every year. Our policy of working with industry experts means that we can arm business leaders with cutting edge IT resources so they can leave their mark on the sector.

Over the coming years we will see the growth of our retail, justice and education businesses, along with the possible arrival of a few more.

risual is unique in how we hire, develop and grow talent. Whilst Managed Services are becoming increasingly popular as an offering from Microsoft Partners, only risual can boast the longstanding ten year partnerships with clients, security and process accreditations. We have pushed for local investment in talent that has led to risual Managed Services (rMS) becoming the business it is today. The future will see further expansion of our services, staff and technologies as we continue our progression forwards.

Meet The Team

Our senior management team head up risual, responsible for ensuring customer and employee satisfaction.

Richard Proud


Alun Rogers


John Pittaway

Sales Director

Kate Lincoln

Operations Director

Jenn Culbert

Director of Education

Amanda Sharp

Head of Managed Services

Brian Cain

Head of Consulting

Our Work

Case studies and notes of tech projects with customers of all shapes and sizes.

Our Work

risual and Microsoft gave us a holistic technology solution through their engagement process with us and were able to offer a combination of products to meet our short term and future objectives, achieving our ultimate agile workforce.

Mario Devargas, CIO, Greater Manchester Police

Following the implementation of one of the biggest IT transformations, delivered by risual, that the business has seen, I realised that the new infrastructure would benefit from both a reactive and proactive service solution. risual had already demonstrated their expertise and knowledge of the system and they were a natural partner for us as an ongoing support service provider.

Darren Thorley, Head of IT

risual’s premium support package is perfect for meeting our exacting needs. My team looks after the 2nd and 3rd line support for all LAN, WAN, Telecoms and Server Infrastructure, so it is great to know that we have risual supporting us as experts in the Lync solution.

Karen Charlton, Corporate Centre IT Infrastructure Services Team Leader

We’re transforming the IT department with enhanced capability, capacity and professionalism to support the delivery of best-in-class citizen services by Essex County Council.

David Wilde, Chief Information Officer, Essex County Council

We didn’t consider any other partner than risual for this engagement after their successful Lync design session. We needed a quick improvement on our existing solution. Through their engagement process with us, we were able to assess a combination of products and decided Espera would help us better monitor and manage our calls, helping us provide a better service and increase productivity.

Paul Speakman, IT Director, Travel Counsellors

People are getting to grips with instant messaging and presence and the rewards are being reaped already, we will save thousands and thousands of pounds in call costs. We will get more productivity from our workforce and the solution allows us to work a lot slicker.

Gavin Harris, Head of ICT, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

We were really impressed with risual and importantly by what Paul Smith said about how they work together in the close partnership that they have created. We were looking to work in a collaborative way with a supplier who has exceptional technological skills and for us to thereby learn the best practices that risual have experience in implementing.

Vic Falcus, Head of ICT Service Management, Staffordshire County Council

We wanted to engage with a supplier that could also demonstrate a controlled methodology throughout the project management process. We’ve been really impressed with the excellent support that risual have provided.

James McCullagh, Systems Manager, Muir Group

We looked at options, and it became clear that Microsoft and risual, with Office 365, Shared that same vision of a productive and flexible work environment. They had the global reach and the supporting systems to achieve what we wanted.

Ian Turfrey, Director of IT, City & Guilds

Skype for Business enables staff to work flexibly, communicate digitally and collaborate smartly. Our staff love it. Even better it is helping Camden save over £5M a year by 2018 from its accommodation strategy.

John Jackson, Assistant Director ICT, Camden Council

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