Microsoft Teams Premium announcements from Ignite 2023

At the 2023 Microsoft Ignite conference Microsoft announced lots of new enhancements and capabilities for Microsoft Teams users with the Teams Premium license and I just wanted to share a few that caught my attention.

Microsoft Mesh brings a three-dimensional experience to Microsoft Teams, using Teams Premium licensing, to provide a virtual space that allows users to interact. Mesh allow users to use their Avatar built for 2D meetings and customise its appearance or mood.

Multiple 3D environments will be available to offer choice to suit your needs, whether it’s a big team event or a small round-table meeting. Spatial Audio and zones will allow multiple simultaneous conversations to take place allowing subgroups to communicated clearly without talking over each other.  A no-code toolkit will be available to allow creation of customer immersive spaces in Microsoft Mesh which you can tailor to your own business requirements

With a Teams Premium license it will soon be possible to use generative background effects to decorate your background, using AI it can enhance real-world spaces by doing things like adding plants to a wall or removing clutter.

The watermark feature provided by Teams Premium is being enhanced to allow flexibility to control how the watermark is displayed, whether this image is repeated on the screen or just shown once. The single water marking will show the viewers email on top of the shared content. Recordings can now be enabled with watermarks, again showing the viewer’s email address during the recording playback.

Teams premium will soon enable meeting organisers to control whether meeting chat messages can be copied or not, helping to reduce the risk of data leaks. This feature will stop users being able to copy messages via the menu or a keyboard shortcut and they will also be unable to use Outlook to forward or share the messages.

Further enhancements to Webinars and Town halls will be provided by Teams Premium licensing, organisers will be able to hide the names of attendees from other attendees to help maintain their privacy. Attendees will just see the names of presenters in the people roster, non-presenters will have their name, photo and profile card information hidden and their name displayed just as Attendee.

Microsoft Teams premium will provide policies to enhance collaboration security and provide more granularity for admin controls. Privacy account controls will allow users assigned the required policy the ability to choose when a message is received from a new internal users whether to accept or block that conversation.

Finally, end-to-end encrypted meetings have been available for up to 50 participants, this limit will be increased to 200 for Teams Premium license users.

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