In today’s rapidly changing business environment, leaders are looking for ways to increase agility, productivity, and efficiency, while also reducing costs. The Microsoft Cloud provides a solution that can help businesses achieve these goals and more. With Windows 365, organisations can maximise the value of their technology investments in seven key ways:  

Comprehensive Security: With the increasing sophistication of cyberthreats, organisations need comprehensive security solutions that can help protect everyone, everywhere. Microsoft Security eliminates gaps and provides simplified, comprehensive protection and expertise, helping businesses innovate and grow in a changing world. By using Microsoft Security instead of multiple point solutions, organisations can save up to 60%. 

Digitally Connected Workforce: Simplifying IT management and reducing costs can be achieved through the use of Microsoft 365, a cloud-first platform for all the ways people work today. Microsoft 365 can save organisations more than 60% compared to a patchwork of point solutions.

Data and AI: By using Azure, organisations can unlock value with data and AI. Azure provides a unified, secure, and governed data & AI platform that supports hybrid and multicloud solutions. Azure SQL Managed Instance is up to 90% less expensive than the leading competitor.  

Modernised App Experiences: Modernising quickly and gaining efficiencies with limited resources is possible by bringing solutions to the Azure App Service, a fully-managed platform for creating resilient web and mobile experiences. Organisations can achieve up to 80% total cost of ownership (TCO) savings with Azure App Service vs. on-premises solutions. 

Cloud Migration and Optimisation: Businesses can improve time-to-value and reduce costs with the most complete tech stack, from cloud to edge. By maximising existing investments, innovating on their terms, and running any workload on Azure with more agility, resiliency, and security, organisations can achieve up to 80% cost savings compared to the competition. 

Empowering the Organisation: Empowering everyone across the organisation with Microsoft Power Platform can enable more technical capacity and more cost-effective development. PG&E and Cognizant saved 75,000 business work hours using Microsoft Power Platform, and they expect to save a further 645,000 hours. 

✅ Expanded Capabilities: Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help businesses deliver greater operational efficiency and breakthrough customer experiences. By connecting people, data, and processes across the organisation, organisations can save up to 50% compared with similar solutions from a major competitor. 

As business leaders look to invest in their short- and long-term success, they need a trusted technology partner. The Microsoft Cloud provides unmatched integration, speed, security, and productivity, enabling meaningful business outcomes. When combined, Microsoft’s industry-leading solutions provide the power to drive digital perseverance and transform businesses. 

In summary, the Microsoft Cloud offers businesses the opportunity to do more with less, reducing costs while increasing efficiency, productivity, and security. By taking advantage of Windows 365, organisations can maximise the value of their technology investments, enabling them to thrive in an ever-changing business environment. 

As we face the impact of inflation and the rising need for sustainable technology, businesses are looking towards cloud technology as a solution. Microsoft Azure offers scalability, flexibility, cost savings, improved application performance, and security.  

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