Secure Large file Uploader with Malware Scanning- A risual Business Accelerator

Receiving files (both small and large) securely from clients, organisations, or end-users is a requirement across a number of industries and verticals. Many organisations simply send and receive files internally and externally via email. This creates two specific problems, the first is the potential threat of malware the second is the file size limitations that providers may have in place. In todays modern workplace, organisations can leverage risuals Secure file upload and malware scanning accelerator to deploy a branded web portal that allows authentication to both internal and external users through Microsoft B2B and B2C. This allows any file size to be uploaded and malware scanning processes to be ran to ensure that files are securely and appropriately vetted.

Some benefits of risuals solution are:

  • Improved security: By scanning for malware before the file is uploaded, the system can prevent potentially harmful files from being stored on the server or shared with other users.
  • Customizability: Since the uploader is built from scratch, it can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization or application. This can include features such as user authentication, file compression, and automatic backup.
  • Scalability: A bespoke uploader can be optimized to handle large files and high traffic, making it suitable for organizations with a large number of users or a high volume of file transfers.
  • Better User experience: With a tailor-made uploader, the organization can ensure that the UI is user-friendly and fits the overall design of the website or application, which can lead to a better user experience.
  • Cost-effective: Building a custom file uploader can be more cost-effective in the long run, as it can be built to meet the specific needs of the organization, rather than paying for unnecessary features or incurring costs for licensing third-party software.

We’ve seen implementations of this solution for a number of clients work well and meet their expectations; below are some key sectors where this accelerator could help save money and improve longer-term security.

For policing agencies, the ability to handle large files and built-in malware scanning would be beneficial in the investigation process where they need to share and transfer large multimedia files such as videos, images and audio recordings. This would ensure that sensitive or classified information is not compromised and kept secure.

Universities and local authorities may also find this type of software useful, as they often need to share large files, such as research papers, photographs, and videos with other institutions or government agencies. The built-in malware scanning feature would provide an added layer of security, protecting the organization’s network from potentially harmful files. Additionally, the customizability of the system would allow them to tailor the user interface to match their branding and the scalability of the system would ensure that it can handle a large number of users or high traffic.

In both of these scenarios, a bespoke file uploader would save these organizations money in the long run by not having to pay for unnecessary features or licensing costs for third-party software. Additionally, it would provide them with a more secure and reliable system that meets their specific needs.

If this sounds like something that your organisation or business would find beneficial, please don’t hesitate to contact risual or 0300 303 2044

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