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Low code app development is quickly revolutionizing app development, with the focus being on developing solutions for client’s specific business needs and not so much on product features. The goal of the apps created is to achieve client’s desired business outcome by solving identified specific pain point. This is achieved by using Power Platform. Low code app development deploys business applications rapidly and automate manual processes, freeing up time to focus on more strategic goals with. Power Platform empowers everyone to be able to build Apps and automate processes from basic to overly complex.

The platform suite consists of Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Pages, Power Virtual Agent, Microsoft Dataverse, and Microsoft Teams that all work together to build apps, create websites, build reports, secure, and manage data. The platform facilitates secured sharing of information and features to improve collaboration and results. Everyone can increase efficiency and solve business challenges by modernizing and innovating faster with Power Platform. Microsoft projects a high demand of low code Apps due to lack of skilled staff in organizations. They estimated that the market demand will exceed $51B by 2023, which presents a huge opportunity for partners to close the skills gap and work closely with organizations to transform their business.

Figure 1: Microsoft

The demand for cloud services is higher than ever before , but there isn’t enough skilled workers to meet this demand. This demand increased even further during the pandemic, as lockdown measures were enforced and organizations had to adapt working remotely but lacked the tools to do so effectively. This is the gap that partners can fill through Low Code Apps development.

Figure 2: Microsoft

Benefits of Low Code App development

There are numerous benefits of using Low code apps development , such as ;

  • Quickly build and have apps running in no time
  • Solutions are easily scalable as business needs grow
  • Focus on solving business critical problems
  • Empowers everyone to be able to develop across citizen and professional developers
  • Easily integrates with organizations existing systems and extend via numerous connectors

Digital transformation with Low code first focuses on understanding users story so as to get to the root cause of issues then uses technology to generate business value. Compared to traditional development, Low code rapid app development gives organizations better return on investment because it lowers the cost and time used to develop solutions.

Figure 3: Microsoft

Industries using Low Code App development

Some of the industries seen taking advantage of Low code apps are;

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Automotive
  • Professional Services
  • Energy
  • FSI
  • Manufacturing and Retail

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