Empower your employees with the licensing they deserve  


Which licensing are we talking about and how can it enhance the dynamic of a workplace? Microsoft 365 E5 is the one of course! This supported agreement offers a wide selection of business apps covering security aspects, compliance, productivity or even analytics available under one unified platform.   

Microsoft solutions are being adopted more and more by organisations across the globe, due to the flexibility, security and usability associated with them. In 2020, it was reported that over 75 million individuals were using Microsoft Teams. One year later, guess how many users were accounted for? In 2021, there were around 150 million active Microsoft Teams users. This increase is no doubt partly driven by the recent pandemic and the development of remote working. With the new norms that many organizations have developed in the past year, licensing agreements have become a priority, to offer optimal working conditions to employees.  

Why organisations implement Microsoft 365 E5?  

Security and threat protection measures are accompanied by automated features to prevent any breaches internally and externally. The licensing agreement ensures your organization is fully compliant with the current legislation, reducing specific risks. Employees can excel in their tasks with better communication, using apps such as Microsoft Teams fully integrated with supported options.  Drive growth and understand your customers like never before, using advanced analytics available directly through Power apps.  


Why is it so important for employees?  

Microsoft E5 licensing offers a great selection of applications and tools available for employees to work more productively: 

  • Training – Microsoft Viva offers insights, learning features and training to enable employees to gain valuable skills for their roles.   
  • Productivity – productive apps such as Microsoft to-do on OneNote can help employees plan and organise their projects and deliver improved results.  
  • Cooperation – SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are known to offer great communication capabilities with easy and straightforward access for users. Additionally, some tools can be used directly through Teams which can save time and effort.  
  • Analysis – Organisations can unify data under one platform and analyse it in various ways using Power BI embedded into Excel. The results can offer detailed insight on customer segments and their preferences.  
  • Content creation – High quality reports and content can be created by employees with the use of Microsoft word or PowerPoint, which offer automated features and many additional options able to support the overall quality.  

Microsoft E5 compared to E3  

Microsoft partners will advise organizations to adopt E5 licensing, because it includes all features available in E3 and important additional options around security. As we’re all aware, cyber security is a top priority for most companies seeking to protect data, so E5 may be the optimal licensing solution. Obviously other factors are to be considered such as the size of the organization and the budget available for Microsoft licensing.  


How can you deploy Microsoft 365 E5?  

  You may be asking yourselves how to implement Microsoft E5 licensing to your organization and which provider you should choose? As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure MSP, risual has the expertise and experience with many IT services including licensing.  We’re able to help other organizations with their different projects with our successful approach. We listen to and understand our clients’ requirements to deliver their requirements accordingly. This bespoke approach enables us to gain satisfaction and confidence from our clients and so we can create strong relationships for the future.  

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your ideas regarding licensing or our other services.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via enquiries@risual.com or 0300 303 2044. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry here  Contact – risual For more information visit our website Microsoft Licensing – risual 

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