Managed services to enhance the workplace

As we all know it, technology solutions used by businesses around the world are becoming more sophisticated than ever. The aims of those solutions can vary according to each organisation’s needs and requirements. Cyber security powered by Microsoft technology appears to be an important aim for many businesses. 

Furthermore, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions can be used to enhance productivity and organisational skills for employees. Technology can be used in many ways to enhance any aspect of a workplace but how do organisations stay updated with the latest trends and solutions available to them? 

Companies may struggle to understand all the complexities found in technology solutions and could miss out on specific features used to enhance efficiency and productivity in the workplace. For this reason, many organisations lean towards managed services offered by other businesses specialised in a specific technology. Did you know in today’s day and age, 59% of IT services are delivered via a managed services model? (IT Alliance, 2020). This shows how so many companies around the world have adjusted their business strategy towards managed services to support their employees in the workplace. 

Microsoft Gold Partner 

At risual, we are proud to be a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP). This is a global competency that highlights the most skilled and proficient Microsoft Partners. Globally, Microsoft has recognised less than 80 companies and we are proud to be one of them. 

Our risual Managed Services (rMS) support other businesses, enhance their IT department and achieve amazing results. Our experts are good listeners and incorporate all the requirements of each client to offer a tailored strategy that supports the people involved. This means that even though we have specific solutions and offers, we always try to adapt to each organisation and the culture they live by each day. Our experts are available 24/7 to support people from other organisation with instant chats to resolve any IT related issues or enquiries. Great communication and excellent customer experience are the 2 features we always want to offer people to ensure they can rely on us and ask for support when required.  

Our service 

We can offer proactive monitoring and security operations centre work to companies of all sizes and integrate automated features to save time. Our current alignment with the National Cyber Security Centre enables us to be aware of any upcoming threat and always be prepared in advance. We offer DevOps-as-a-Service that deliver products, services, and applications faster and more efficiently to meet user needs. Our rMS team offers different options depending on each organisation’s requirements.  

Our features include: 

  • 24/7 support and cybersecurity advanced services. 
  • 1st time fix rate over 75%.  
  • Instant chat & incident resolution via rMS SOS. 
  • World class Net Promoter Score of 75+. 
  • ITIL accredited Service Delivery Managers. 
  • KPI driven service.  
  • Security Cleared & NPPV3 checked engineers. 
  • Continually improving Microsoft certified engineers.  
  • Cost per call from £4.57. 
  • Increases service availability through proactive 24x7x365 monitoring. 

What is unique about us? 

  • Our NPS (Net promoter score) of 80% is considerably higher than industry average, which demonstrates a strong focus on customer satisfaction. 
  • Our DevOps teams are consistently working hard to improve the efficiency and value of our services for each organisation. 
  • We offer bespoke training for all professionals to ensure they can use and understand work tools to the best of their ability.  
  • Our approach to work is tailored to the requirements of each organisation we work with. All our offers can be flexible and adaptive to ensure all clients are satisfied. 

Results achieved with rMS 

As you can imagine, companies we work with can identify various benefits based on what the objectives are. Our experts offer more efficiency and productivity in the different work environments they operate in. All software solutions are offered and managed by our people to avoid any issues or delays. Employees from other companies can focus on what they do best and learn new skills through training and support. Each organisation working with rMS, also benefits from 24x7x365 monitoring and threat protection analysis for people’s safety. 

Some examples  

We have some interesting stories about how we achieve great results and enhance the workplace for various companies across the globe.  

We offered our rMS to Caja, a fast-paced organisation, to achieve comprehensive and appropriate IT support for all the people in the workplace. 

An international consumer organisation was struggling to implement corporate IT facilities and we offered the support of our experts.  

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