How can Microsoft 365 Defender be suitable for any business?

As we all know it, there are many cyber security solutions available on the market for each organisation to choose from. However, the difficulty is to select the solution that is suitable for a specific business and the people involved.

Protecting employees’ data is one of the main objectives of cyber security, right? 

Microsoft 365 Defender offers a portfolio of useful features such as automatic threat analysis across all domains. The solution offers clarity and detailed information on all activities across a business and can detect any unusual processes. Thanks to the automated features you don’t have to worry too much about operating the solution. Microsoft 365 Defender will detect and block any attacks to maintain a secure state. No matter how much data you use within your workplace, the technology will track down and analyse all data to ensure your environment is secure. Microsoft 365 Defender is currently rated by businesses across the world at 4.8/5 as a security solution based on Gartner reviews (Gartner, 2021) 

So, this makes us wonder how this solution can offer unique security features for each organisation? 

Microsoft 365 Defender doesn’t offer a single license but several offering different security features. When combined with each other, the licenses offer full protection on all structures.  

Distinct functions 

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint protection suite is supported by powerful behavioral sensors, able to collect and process behavioral signals, sending this sensor data to your administrator directly.  

The cloud analytics function measures all data from connected devices with unique Microsoft threat intelligence. The information is then translated into insights to support decision making.  

Threat intelligence is another feature found in Endpoint, capable of identifying attacker tools, techniques, and procedures. This process allows organisation to always be updated with the latest threats out there. 

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 enables you to always set the appropriate level of protection for your organization with your own policies and access real-time reports on your performance.  

All business apps and data within Office 365, including email and other collaboration tools are covered by automated features of investigation to save time and effort. 

Microsoft Defender for Identity Is used against advanced threats, compromised identities, and malicious insiders using correlated Active Directory signals.  

Each user account and activity are monitored with learning-based analytics. identities and credentials are protected and stored safely. Suspicious user activity is investigated and solved automatically until further actions are required. 

Microsoft Cloud App Security provides rich visibility, control over data travel, and sophisticated analytics to identify and combat cyberthreats across your Microsoft and third-party cloud services.  

What can you achieve? 

As mentioned before, a full deployment of each license available within Microsoft 365 Defender offers the best security structure possible. However, each organisation has different security objectives and may require focus on specific areas of the business.  

A full deployment of Microsoft 365 Defender can offer the following results to any organisation: 

  • Each incident or breach identified through sophisticated sensors is instantly signaled to the administrator responsible. A full analysis is delivered on each threat for the administrator to understand exactly what is going on. Minor threats are automatically resolved by the solution. 
  • The automated investigation and remediation (AIR) function is applied across various entities such as work devices, mailboxes and user accounts to identify any malicious activity or breach. 
  • Avanced and integrated features can also be deployed to track down and control larger entities such as events and large amounts of data from devices or mailboxes. 

risual – security expert 

At risual, we believe security is a very important factor to consider and so we focus our efforts on offering the most suitable solutions to each organisation. As technology evolves, growing data has become increasingly more valuable and harder to protect. Our experts offer protection, detection, and prevention, services with the support of Microsoft 365 Defender.  

Our services include, an assessment to scan your cloud services, identifying any weaknesses and misconfigurations with the high security guidelines such as NCSC. We can then design and deploy an effective strategy that suits your business requirements with the relevant security solutions. Our services are fully flexible and specifically designed for the requirements of each organisation we work with to achieve high value results.  

As cyber security becomes more complex for various organisations, we offer our Security Operations Centre (SOC) based in Staffordshire UK. This tailored service, includes 24x7x365 monitoring Detecting and responding to threats, increasing the resilience of client IT systems. Businesses can outsource a specific level of support from us to match their security requirements and keep data secured. 

Our work with others 

We are delighted to have some great opportunities to work with various organisations that require the integration of advanced security features such as Microsoft 365 Defender. The requirements and objectives vary according to each organisation we work with but not the level of support that we offer.  

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