Managed Services Supporting Charities Around the World

Our focus this month. 

This month, we are focusing our efforts on supporting charities around the world with cyber-security measures. Our aim is to create safe environments for people committed to helping others. We want to participate indirectly in the charitable activities deployed by the organisation by offering our managed services.  

We genuinely believe and get involved in charitable actions, through our own risual Foundation formed by the founders of risual Limited. We want to give back to people, communities, and businesses in any way we possibly can. We aim to support others by raising money, providing technology, offering learning opportunities, supporting the growth of young people’s careers, improving local communities, and much more. You can look at our latest actions we put in place to support others on our risual Foundation website. 

Our risual approach is simple and flexible to each organisation we work with. We engage with charitable organisation, discuss ideas, and understand their vision so that we can adapt our methods. For example, if a charity requires us to manage their security structure fully, we create a plan of action based on the requirement. Our experts have acquired all the Microsoft skills necessary to deploy the most relevant services.  

What do we offer to charities? 

As mentioned before, we created some tailored offers affordable to non-profitable organisation that require high security standards. Our security experts have highlighted a particular offer this month suitable for charities looking to enhance its security.  

Our Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) offers complete 24x7x365 monitoring of your security. 

Incorporating advanced threat intelligence, vulnerability scanning and security analytics, risual’s managed Security Operation Centre combines incident prevention, detection, and response services, covering both cloud and on-premises environments. The service offers 24x7x365 monitoring and threat protection from our UK-based NPPV-3 and SC cleared security operations staff.  

We are now offering all charities the Managed SOC for 13 months for the price of 12 with additional security features based on your requirements.  


  • Delivered by Microsoft certified security consultants and engineers.  
  • Includes enablement of Azure Sentinel on your Microsoft Tenant.  
  • Uses core Microsoft security features such as Secure Score 
  • Delivers insights and alerts across a range of Microsoft products.  
  • Security incident detection and response for cloud and on premises environments. 
  • “Single version of the truth” across all Microsoft products/services.  
  • 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and event diagnosis.  
  • Maintains alignment to the latest cyber security trends and patterns.  
  • Includes a proof of concept, with eligible Microsoft funding. 
  • All staff UK based, NPPV3 and security cleared. 

Features include Azure sentinel in your Microsoft tenant for automated updates and scanning. This solution consistently studies the security environment of a business and stores valuable information in the cloud. The stored data can then be used for detailed insights into the security levels and potential weaknesses that could be corrected. Azure sentinel offers automated features with administrative tasks and updates that will directly support IT departments. 

Secure Score enables us to identify the level of security from each organisation and offers recommendations for improvements. Secure Score will provide you with the means necessary to improve your posture with detailed insights and guidance. The score includes all the infrastructures, devices and software used in an organisation. Additionally, the score is compared to other organisations’ scores to give a promising idea of where organisation positions itself in the market. Individuals can access the scoring from any device connected to the cloud and take actions which allows them to have a level of flexibility in the workplace. 

Our experts are NPPV-3 and SC cleared with ambitious standards and offer services fully compliant with government legislation. On top of this, we always ensure to be aware of the latest trends and updates in the industry. 

As a business, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner and certified Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP). This global competency highlights a handful of the most skilled and proficient Microsoft Partners due to its complexity. Our experts are always up to date with the latest updates and can offer any Microsoft solution available on the market. 

The results we achieved. 

With our managed services, charities can unlock key features of optimisation to support their work environments. Our offer introduced many features to each charity that we work with and some key benefits.  


  • Delivered by an Azure Expert MSP accredited Microsoft partner.  
  • Aligned to the 14 NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) Cloud Security Principles. 
  • Delivers a comprehensive security information and event management (SIEM) service. 
  • Rapid deployment for full, low cost SIEM capability.  
  • Allows for stable, consistent & secure delivery of IT services. 
  • Allows organisations to adopt a zero-trust security approach.  
  • Proactive monitoring and 24x7x365 incident management.  
  • Uses all the security features related to your licensing models.  
  • Covers Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365 services.  
  • Underpinned by ISO 27001 Information Security and Cyber Essentials Plus.  

Charities we work with have dramatically reduced the overtime spent on maintaining their security structures. We maintain a good level of communication with charitable organisations to inform them of any progress and updates that we complete for them.  

The organisations can focus their efforts on doing what they are passionate about, helping others. We are delighted to contribute to this joint effort through technology and training. The costs of maintaining expensive security solutions appear to decrease as we integrate our own solutions that we are accountable for.  

Our managed services offer strong cyber security protection, but we also offer many other options of support. Whether you are looking to increase communication within your organisation, productivity, reduce costs or even access meaningful data, we can help you.  

You can contact us directly on 0300 303 2044 or if you need any further guidance or managed support with any operation. 

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