Viva Connections Public Preview

Microsoft’s Viva Connections public preview to Microsoft 365 tenants was available in early September. However, only recently rolled out and available in the tenants located in the UK. This comprises of an updated Viva Desktop desktop experience, instead of the previous PowerShell version, new web parts and the Viva Connections mobile app. This allows Microsoft Team admins to enable, configure and deploy Viva Connections directly from the Microsoft Teams admin center.

Viva Connections setup in Microsoft Teams Admin Center

Viva Connections mobile app

The new Viva Connections mobile app is part of this public preview that brings to the employee three tabs; the dashboard, feed, and resources tabs. These allow employees who are office based, remote or home-based personalized views of your organisations content. The tabs also allow the ability to audience target content to employees. These personalized views of content are also available in the desktop version once enabled from the Teams admin center. Provided by the new dashboard and feed web parts and the global navigation.

Viva connections mobile view

Viva Connections Desktop

The simplified deployment by Microsoft Teams admins gives an updated version of Viva Connections directly within Microsoft Teams. The new feed and dashboard web parts provide the consistency and unified views of content across mobile and desktop versions.

Via Connections Desktop

Dashboard web part

This web part provides content from the dashboard page. It shows content that can be used by employees of organisations to find resources, useful links, and actionable tasks. Within the dashboard page, adaptive cards can be created using the out of the box templates or new ones that can be created using the SharePoint Framework. These can then be targeted at groups of users using SharePoint audiences. This personalizes the dashboard for users so that they only see dashboard cards that are relevant and that can be engaged with from any device. Many Microsoft partners have already created dashboard cards which if not already deployed will be available soon.

Feed web part

The other web part that has been released as part of this public preview is the feed web part which provides employees a unique view of aggregated content from Microsoft 365 so they can explore news, conversations from across the organisation so keeping them up to date and fully connected.  This totally simplifies the communication channel for people in organisations who disseminate news and information allowing them also to target specific audiences and to boost/promote content to increase its visibility throughout the organisation.

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