Building insights with Workplace Analytics

Previously organisations and individuals had no way of gaining insights on working patterns, style or behaviours. Making it difficult to implement changes and improve the way people work, feel or behave. Microsoft introduced Workplace Analytics to bridge that gap and allow organisations to gain actionable insights. These insights will also be available through Microsoft Viva to make them more accessible and easier to digest.

What is Workplace Analytics?

Workplace Analytics uses data from Microsoft 365 apps to identify trends and patterns from everyday work and tasks that impact productivity, effectiveness and employee engagement. That data can then be used to help investigate and answer questions that the organisation may have around engagement, effective collaboration, management styles and wellbeing.

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Insights for change

There have been several changes that have occurred over the past eighteen months in workplaces, with many people working remotely. Working remotely can have many benefits for individuals but it can also cause isolation, burnout and micro-management. How do we find out if this is happening or allow organisations to adapt and support their employees. Workplace Analytics helps organisations analyse trends and behaviours anonymously to provide potential areas that need change or actions to reduce these risks.

Workplace Analytics can help organisations to:

  • Support wellbeing and build initiatives.
  • Identify persona and habits around those personas.
  • Understand the meeting and collaboration culture.
  • Build managerial effectiveness and ensure employees are supported.
  • Build employee networks and reduce isolation.
  • Reduce the risk of burnout and overload.

When organisations have access to this data, they are able to find areas of focus or attention and build a plan/initiative to improve that data and make changes based on actual insights. From this data, organisations will be able to see if people have been working out of hours, not having enough time to focus. Whether managers are empowering employees and coaching them and whether the collaboration trends and methods are working or causing issues. Being able to see this information allows organisations to act fast and change where required to ensure employees and the organisation adapts to prospers in this every changing world.

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