Power BI – The Best Technology for Data Analysis?

What is Power BI?  

Power BI corresponds to a variety of software services with the aim of gathering raw information from a specific environment and processing it to produce meaningful insights. Power BI allows a smooth transition from former analytical tools such as excel spreadsheets towards a sophisticated platform with detailed insights, simple for people to understand and use. Users of Power Bi can have access to personalised insights from their organisation through interactive and live data, ensuring a high consistency in the results used.  

Power BI is part of the Power Platform suite which covers other services such as Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. The secured platform is connected and available among all registered individuals using desktop to mobile app devices, accessible from anywhere in the world. The services allow you to design your own options relevant to your business objectives. 

How is this technology relevant to my organisation?  

Power BI services are cost-effective solutions with a reduced App development cost of around 77% for US companies to save. Due to a reduced and effective investment, studies have shown that the services used from this technology offer a return on investment (ROI) of around 366% over a period of three years (Microsoft, 2021). The point is that you can implement a cost-effective solution in a short amount of time and gather meaningful insights to support your business decisions.  

You may be experiencing technical issues with your current services, or you are unable to collect information that could be particularly useful for business growth? Power BI enables you to create new features specifically for your organisation’s requirements very quickly, avoiding any implementation delays. On top of this, you can customise the dashboards used with your own design and branding to suit your people’s preferences. 

In case these features did not convince you, Power BI technology can be connected to many data sources within your company and collect information from them based on your requirements. The information is stored in a secured cloud environment to have an unlimited storage capacity. Data is available to the people from your organisation, from any work devices, giving them the opportunity to work flexibly and achieve results from anywhere. 

 Power Platform technology, a tool for automation?  

This technology offers additional automation features to support the people of your business. Say goodbye to tedious and repetitive tasks that can be easily automated for you through simple coding methods. You can skip administrative tasks and rely on the services of Power Automate. US companies using this service, have reach on average over 27% of reduced errors due to automation (Microsoft, 2020). 

Why not introduce chatbots to enhance your customer service experience? Power Virtual Agents enables you to create personalised bots without using complex coding. You can choose interactive features and get frequently asked questions covered with your virtual agent. This flexible service can also be used internally, for HR enquiries for example.  

In conclusion, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution to produce quick and effective results, Power Platform technology could be the right solution for your business. The services are also very flexible, which is always a great advantage to achieve specific results in a short timeline.   

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