Microsoft Viva Connections – the next steps

Microsoft have just recently released new functionality within the latest SharePoint Framework (SPFx) release as part of Build 2021 that allows the ability to create dashboard and cards for Viva Connections. This release, version 1.13, of the SPFx provides developers the necessary scaffolding to build employee targeted resources, news feeds and dashboards so allowing the creation of content that can be delivered and tailored for individual employees or audiences.

Viva Connections in action

Access to this functionality is via a private beta preview in which Microsoft will enable features on your nominated tenant to allow developers to start them on their journey. Each developer needs to sign on individually via a registration form and the features in the nominated tenant will be switched on within approximately 24-48 hours. Microsoft will also send an email which grants access to a GitHub private repository that contain labs which have detailed instructions on building adaptive card extensions (ACE) for a dashboard. As always this starts with the box standard “Hello World” example and then moves onto a more complex scenario.

Hello World adaptive card

The initial pre-requisties lab goes through instructions and verifying that your environment is ready for the private beta for Viva Connections, which consists of the following:

  • Installation of Node v12
  • Installation of Gulp v4
  • Installation of Yeoman v3
  • Creation of a personal access token in GitHub
  • Installation of a modern text editor e.g., Visual Studio Code

After successful verification you will be ready build the sample ACEs detailed in the labs. Before you get started I suggest you watch a session recorded as part of Microsoft Build 2021 and delivered by Vesa Juvonen, a Microsoft program manager for SharePoint and OneDrive, who presents a session on Building solutions that span across Microsoft Teams, Viva Connections and SharePoint. The session goes through an initial introduction of SharePoint Framework and then runs through a demo on technical details on how to build extensible solutions using standard industry technologies using the SharePoint Framework.

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