Windows Virtual Desktop – Custom Image

Custom Image:

When working with WVD hosts you at some point you will want to update the operating system and programs with security updates and features.

If you have a small number you may find it easier to remove any group policies and patch the standard way. This is all fine but what if you cannot afford the downtime of the servers while they are patched or you simple have a large host pool.

The process is broken down in to two areas.

  1. Create the image and 2. Deploy the image

Image Creation

Remove the image from the hostpool

Remove Remote Desktop Agents (ALL)

Patch and install apps

Sysprep (generalize and shutdown)

Capture the VM to the shared gallery.

Deploy Image

  • Create Registration Key on the host pool
  • Add session hosts from template

At this point you can put the old hosts in drain mode to stop new connections and new connections will start to fill up on the new imaged hosts.

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