Project Governance Reporting Improvements

What was our problem with project governance?

Dynamics holds all the data needed to run projects, but it can take time to jump between different pages and apps to see the full picture. The business struggled to see the full picture of project governance and health. For example, how quickly clients were contacted, when delivery dates were agreed an when documents had been sent. So why not use the other tools we have to help?

What was our solution?

To start with, I created the Power BI report for our Project Management Office (PMO) and the management team. PMO manage all projects that do not have an assigned Project Manager, they keep track of all areas of the projects by using Project Service Automation (PSA). PSA connects to Power Bi, allowing access to all project information including order expiry dates, project health and booking details. It also benefits PMO to be able to track the progress against their SLA targets. We included areas such as invoicing milestones, and expanded the report to contain data from the new ‘Project Activities’ app. This allowed us to report on items such as documentation issue dates, approval dates, and risks/issues raised. With the additional details, the report has proven to also be useful to the rest of the business as well.

How our report improves project governance

The Projects tab displays all the details of a project in PSA. It also shows additional detail from the orders such as expiry dates and the account manager.

The Delivery tab displays all details about bookings allowing us to simply view if the work is past or future.

The Milestone tab displays all invoicing milestones for active projects and how far through delivery of each milestone we are. This gives Finance an idea of when we can invoice.

The Measures tab displays the SLAs PMO must meet, giving them an idea of whether they are on target.

The Stalled Projects tab displays all active projects with days remaining, but nothing booked in the future. This allows us to see which clients we need to contact to avoid them missing out on delivery.

Finally, the Governance tab to display details about risks and issues related to projects, and the overall project health scores.

Benefits of improved project governace

This report allows us to manage all areas of projects in one space, instead of opening multiple windows. Features such as ‘Drill-through’ make the task of finding more information about projects much simpler. It allows us to see more information about data on the report. For example, if we needed to find out more about who has already worked on a stalled project, I can ‘drill-through’ to the Delivery tab to see who worked on it and when. It helps to ensure a better view of project health and provides the management team with a view of measures they never had. Lastly, it gives the wider business stakeholders with a view of projects and delivery. Meaning they have the ability to self-serve and simply access information any time they require, instead of waiting for someone in PMO to become available.

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