Measure twice, implement once

At risual, my colleagues and I work on implementing the latest technologies. Our roles cover from designing solutions, documentation of a solution, implementation of a solution, and handover to the client.

So more recently, I had a couple of bookings where I was supporting the solutions, and I got to see the difference of how my clients operate. Let us take the example of clients C and N.

Client C has completed the amalgamation of three organisations into a single tenant. Their solution is a full-hybrid configuration of Azure AD and Exchange, and the client was moving mailboxes into Exchange Online. User accounts are created in the on-premises AD using a third-party tool, then synchronised to Azure AD; mailboxes are then moved to Exchange Online.

Client N is in the process of combining eight organisations into two tenants. There is no hybrid configuration, so all Azure implementation is an export/import migration of Identity and Emails. User accounts are manually created in their tenant, then emails are imported into their mailboxes.

Both clients are following different methodologies in completing their solutions, but there is one important thing that is common to both, and it pertains to the title of this blog.

In supporting both clients, I have seen that there can be simple mistakes that will creep into even the most rigorous procedures: be that a spelling mistake, wrong permissions, a wrong tenant for a user. Simple mistakes can and will occur, and they will show up to the users. As the title suggests, we can only “measure twice” to mitigate as much as we can before we “implement once”.

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