Apprenticeship new standards

Following the Digital Route Review, the Institute and relevant trailblazer groups (Which I chair the Level 4 Network Engineer standard) are sharing the approved standard content with our stakeholders. Due to COVID-19, the trailblazers have encountered difficulties in obtaining funding quotes from training providers, which has meant that formal publication and launch has been delayed. However, there is a keen interest in launching the new standards as soon as possible.

Here at risual education, we are future proofing our delivery to ensure that we are employer responsive and making sure we add purposeful Microsoft qualifications along the way including Microsoft Azure Administrator, Microsoft Software Fundamentals and Microsoft Power Platform App Maker to name a few.

The main changes for the new standards are:

  1. Knowledge modules have been removed
  2. Employer reference form has been removed

Now the employer, apprentice and training provider/ college designs a bespoke course that meets all parties core duties & expectations to become a valued member of the workforce for the future, this will give the employer and apprentice the power to create a course to suit their needs.

risual education have several courses waiting in the wings from 1st/ 2nd and 3rd line support to Cyber security to Network engineer which we would love to work with you to add value to your business.

If you are interested in an Apprenticeship or any training course, please get in touch via or call 0300 303 2044 or visit the website via

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