Cold E-Mail Top Tips

Are you getting nowhere with your cold emails?

With our current lockdown in full swing, I truly believe that the cold e-mail is vitally important to grow your business but there is a myth that the cold email is ineffective.

Well, it is easy to unmask that as with the right e-mail you can achieve up to a 25-30% response rates!

Below are some tips to help improve your cold e-mail:

Set up your campaign
Identify the right prospects
Write a great subject line
Skip any introduction
Capture attention with your first sentence
Craft a great pitch
Make it easy for people to see the value in your offer
Put yourself in your customers’ shoes
Get to the point and avoid rambling
Keep your email to four or five sentences at the most
Personalise what you can
State what you want from your recipient
Avoid images
Close with a question
Ease your recipient’s concerns and highlight things of credibility
Suggest methods of communication and make it easy to respond
Keep following up

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