The Balance Between Public Protection and Privacy

During August, the Court of Appeals confirmed their decision on a Welsh Police Force using Automated Facial Recognition (AFR) to be against the law. Due to the AFR regulations still being worked through, and improved upon in the UK we need to think of the question is protection better than privacy?

The balance between protecting the public and allowing them their privacy is challenging, with 2018’s GDPR changes the laws on data storing and distributing have become clearer but still, we are struggling with AFR. The potential AFR could bring to law enforcement is extremely positive for policing, however, does this mean sacrificing part of the public’s privacy?

Recently a number of major tech suppliers have ceased selling their facial recognition software to police forces. For suppliers that are still developing their position in this and related fields, future deployments and projects will need to be conducted carefully, considering concerns about outcomes, and with meaningful engagement and transparency.

What are your thoughts on public protection and privacy?

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