Technology in the Charity Sector (Part 1)

risual is committed to driving Microsoft technology in the charity sector to support their digital transformation journey. It is crucial that charity organisations move forward into the digital world and are not left behind in legacy workplaces.

Often, non-for-profit businesses can’t afford the latest technologies, training of designated staff who understand the technology, and investing in resources to ensure high levels of security at all times. Small organisations, or companies with low funding or low-tech infrastructure are often at risk from being left behind as other organisations push forward into more modern workplaces. A Microsoft study saw that around 60% have no policies in place to manage cybersecurity, meaning their systems are legacy, ungoverned, and often dragging the company down.

But how can risual help?

Microsoft have released discounts on the below technologies, allowing for Gold Partners and Azure Expert MSPs (of which risual is both) to help wield the powerful tool of technology to ensure digital improvement through technology in the charity sector:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Office 365
  • Power BI
  • Azure
  • Microsoft Surface

Work with risual to ensure your organisation’s infrastructure is strengthened and secured with the latest Microsoft technology. Empower your employees to find more productive ways of working, create a modern workforce that you’re proud of. Finally, optimise your internally operations and at long last let go of slow, manual, and paper-based processes that are slowing your organisation down.

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