Exchange at Ignite 2020 : Plus Addressing

Originally announced at Ignite 2019, Plus Addressing has been announced as being available to Exchange Online from September/October 2020.

What is Plus addressing

This allows the addition of a suffix to the local part of an email address.  An end user will then setup a specific email address to use when subscribing to a service.  This then allows the filtering of mails using Outlook rules, or if there is no longer the requirement to use the specific email address, then this can be disposed of,  E.g. if the address becomes subject to too much spam or non required communications.

The scenario

Fred works for an Engineering company called Ferrous Metal and has an email address of :-

Fred would like to subscribe to a newsletter he has found on the Steel Girders Website.  Instead of providing his normal email address, Fred can use a special Plus address

This different address allows Fred to move emails sent to the to a different folder in his Mailbox. 

This functionality needs to be switched on at the tenant level.

Disclaimer : Any likeness to a real email address used in the scenario in this article is completely accidental.

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