Spotlight within Microsoft Teams Update

You may have noticed that during September 2020, Microsoft have released a Microsoft Teams update. Are you wondering what is new and how this can benefit you? Keep reading as I discuss one of the new features that is now live within the Microsoft Teams update.

Spotlight. What is it and how can I incorporate this in my working day?

The highly anticipated spotlight feature has now been made available within Microsoft Teams following the recent release wave in September 2020. This feature allows a presenter to pin their camera output in a Teams meeting, meaning all of the attendants can see the pinned presenter and them only, thus allowing focus to be primarily on those intended.

The presenter can also decide on who can be pinned within the meeting, which can be a huge addition to those using Microsoft Teams for Education purposes. For example, if a lecturer is hosting a webinar and wishes for each student to discuss a topic, why not pin each student when they are talking so there is a clear vocal point for the other participants in the meeting?

In order to access this new feature, you must consider the following:

  • Firstly, your Microsoft Teams client must be updated with the latest release wave,
  • This is only a feature within a Microsoft Teams meeting,
  • You must have presenter privileges to be able to ‘Spotlight’.

Granted that the above is taken into consideration, you can ‘Spotlight’ a participant by doing the following:

Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting > Click ‘Participants’ > Click on the ellipsis of the desired participant and select ‘Spotlight me’.

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