Returning to work

Returning to work after being off for over a year was scary. Leaving my daughter for the first time was scary.

To say that I was nervous and anxious to return to work is an understatement. But I am so lucky to have the support that I needed at home and at work to be able to manage being a mum and working full time.

risual has supported me from day one and looking back I had nothing to fear. Being back at work is so refreshing, as I feel like the old me before my little girl. Having time with my girl is so much more special as I appreciate the time we spend together.

The flexibility of working from home allows me to start early and finish a little early so I can pick up my daughter. Managing my own diary allows me to organise my day to day, so when I start meetings, lunch etc. Although I have found a lot has changed in the apprenticeship sector, I am finding that my team are there guiding me all time.

Yes COVID-19 has made it harder on everyone to get back to normal and a lot of business are closing and people losing their jobs; therefore I am very lucky to return back to my position and offer help to business to try and rebuild for the future and create future jobs within the IT sector. As we have all learned from this pandemic that IT really is a key department in every business that allows everyone to work remotely, securely, and easily.

So, to all those mums and dads returning to work you have nothing to fear. You somehow manage to find that balance you need between home and work life. It never gets easy missing your child, but you learn to make every moment memorable and cherish the time together. You also want to keep working hard at the career you have carved for yourself and show that although you have taken a year out (or however long) that you can still smash it!

risual thank you for the support you give and providing the tools to not only do my job but also have the time with my little one.

If anyone wants to know more about digital apprenticeships then please do get in touch – 😊

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