Azure Firewall Data Connector for Sentinel in Public Preview

You can now connect your Azure Firewall logs into Azure Sentinel via the new connector in preview.

Microsoft quotes:

Azure Sentinel supports a set of standard patterns for ingesting data at scale. Customers are able to easily onboard data sources via an extensive gallery of connectors and data collection technologies. Data is the foundation for Azure Sentinel. To increase our set of data sources, we are delighted to announce that the Firewall data connector is now public preview!

Azure Firewall is a managed, cloud-based network security service that protects your Azure Virtual Network resources. It’s a fully stateful firewall-as-a-service with built-in high availability and unrestricted cloud scalability.

You can connect Firewall logs to Azure Sentinel, enabling you to view log data in workbooks, use it to create custom analytics, and incorporate it to improve your investigation/hunting activities.”

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