Azure Blob versioning is now generally available!

At the end of last month Microsoft have released the ability for you to enable versioning on your Azure blob storage accounts.

This will allow you to have multiple versions of the same file when it’s updated and most importantly the ability to restore files where needed.

Microsoft say Blob Versioning is:

“Blob Versioning when enabled is a feature that will automatically maintain previous versions of an object.  This allows you to restore an earlier version to recover your data if it was modified or deleted by mistake. Which is a great feature to be able to have access to for organizations or even for home use.  Being able to quickly recover a previous version of a file without having to engage your whole backup/recovery process/tool will save a lot of pain and time.

You can enable blob versioning when you create an Azure Storage account in the portal or via an ARM template.”

For full details on the setting and how to enable this on your storage account please visit or get in touch with risual today.

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