How Yammer Improves Business

Discover how Yammer Improves business! Here at risual we are not just about transforming other businesses, we want to ensure that internally our employees, partners, and clients are receiving the best of the best. Whether that be when it comes to service, technology, or anything!

So, to ensure we do that we need to be constantly looking for new ways of working, improving and collaborating. Now we have moved all our conversations over to Yammer we thought we would share our journey with you.

Throughout our organisation we have previously used lots of different communications from Skype to Outlook, from Teams to Sharepoint – and a lot more. But having lots of different conversations on lots of different platforms can be hard to manage, and often our employees were losing information or communications because they did not know which platform it was on. This was causing a lag across our business as information was being delayed and therefore our whole organisation was not as up to date on all our latest and greatest news.

This is where Yammer comes in.

Yammer improves business in three key ways:

  • Conversation Central: All of our organisations conversations were now being held in one place so if people need to find what was said on a specific day, or the latest news on a certain topic then there’s only one place it can be – Yammer.
  • Time Saver: With all our conversations now being held in one place our employees are no longer sifting through platform after platform trying to find news on a certain topic. It is all easy to find and updated often with the latest news on whichever topic it may be.
  • Ease of Use: As with all Microsoft technologies, we want to make sure we are getting the best out of it. So, our business has the latest ‘how to’s’, guidance documents and anything else we need to ensure that Yammer is being used to the best of its abilities by our staff.

If you’d like to learn more or get in touch with our team then contact us at or visit our contact us page.

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