Why do the Azure Fundamentals MTA?

I’m a Marketing Assistant and I’ve recently passed my Azure Fundamentals MTA and as someone who works in a non-technical role, I thought I might shed some light on why I took the Azure Fundamentals MTA and how it’s helped me in my role.

As someone who works in Marketing, we know the basics on a lot of different topics from Azure to Security to all the other amazing things that risual offers but when it comes to the detail often we spend a lot of time researching before writing or creating any content. In taking the Azure Fundamentals MTA it gave me not only a greater understanding of the cloud but also lots of other areas that I can now go away and write blogs on. Furthermore, when it comes to email marketing campaigns, events, or other marketing collateral I know what to write without researching. All thanks to the Azure Fundamentals MTA exam!

Three key benefits I have as a non-technical person:

  • I now have a wider knowledge of cloud services, Azure pricing, the cloud lifecycle, and many other cloud topics. This knowledge can be used to bolster blogs, email content and even events!
  • As someone who wants to learn and understand more this was a great opportunity for me as an individual to expand my own horizons, learn more about a subject I use in my day to day role and love learning about.
  • For risual this means that the content we are putting out and the expertise within the business has increased. We can now go into much more detail within the Marketing department without the need for technical support or hours of research.

If you’d be interested in learning more about taking the Azure Fundamentals MTA or you just want to learn more then get in touch at enquiries@risual.com or head across to the contact us page.

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