Why Automation is Key for Operational Departments

Why Automation is Key for Operational Departments

In the Summer of 2019, risual Marketing began their business transformation journey. For years they had been struggling with ad-hoc systems, systems that did not integrate across the business, and manual operational processes. This was taking a lot of hours away from the productivity of the team.

The need for automation within this operational department was clear.

Here’s where Microsoft Dynamics for Marketing (MDM) comes onto the scene.

When looking at all the options to develop and improve the Marketing team’s technology, one application stood out above all the rest. Dynamics 365’s key point was its ability to integrate with other Dynamic systems such as CRM. The integration ability allowed the Marketing team to say goodbye to some old challenges. They said goodbye to the days of spending hours inputting data from one system into another. The risual Marketing team welcomed having a system that could sync all contact, account, and partner information to all systems as soon as it has been changed. The whole business now had access to up-to-date information at all times.

All those who work in or with a Marketing department know that it is a challenge to report on the return of investment, value, and success of a Marketing department. With MDM our risual Marketing team can now monitor and report on the various aspects of marketing. Such as: leads created, social engagements, email interactions and so much more that allows our team to improve. Therefore allowing our business to improve.

MDM has allowed our internal teams to be run more seamlessly. Allowing our business to deliver greater results and more tailored content all through Artificial Intelligence.

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