Marketing Automation

In August 2019, risual began exploring ways to create more automation and integration within the Marketing and Sales departments of the business. risual began implementing a new application called Microsoft Dynamics for Marketing (MDM) to start this journey towards automation. Dynamics 365 is a set of intelligent business applications that can allow you to run a business seamlessly to deliver greater results using the power of AI-driven insights. As it is deeply integrated with CRM, Dynamics can bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing teams to achieve goals by supporting one another.

Since setting up MDM, risual have seen the value of putting all the components of Marketing in one place. Where we once used multiple different applications and solutions for various aspects of marketing, everything is now done through one central app. This has driven up the efficiency of daily processes and highlighted areas that we can work on. In many companies, Marketing is a department that is very hard to monitor and track its value. Now, with MDM, we are able to see valuable data such as leads created, social and email engagements and much more which allows everyone to see the value that Marketing brings.

Reporting and Analytics

One of the most prominent aspects of Marketing in most companies is email marketing. What perhaps isn’t so prominent is the analysis of these emails to see what is going well and what needs improvements. MDM provides an extremely user-friendly data insight tabs for all emails which allows you to clearly see stats from your emails such as how many people have opened them, how many have clicked links, which links they’ve clicked and more. These stats can also be seen for marketing pages, customer journeys and forms that you create within MDM. If this wasn’t enough, MDM also integrates seamlessly with Power BI which enables you to produce even more eye-catching and detailed reports with ease using the data from your CRM.

Automation in Campaigns

With MDM’s customer journey feature, you could be generating leads without actually doing anything. With customer journeys you can completely automate processes such as sending emails and creating leads. Once you have created them, they will run until you stop them, moving contacts through the journey as they engage with your marketing materials. Ultimately, if successful, this will result in the automatic creation of leads whilst you have been applying your time elsewhere!

The Microsoft Stack

Like so many of the Microsoft products available, MDM is integrated with numerous other Microsoft applications to help increase efficiency and ease of use. Apps like Forms, Excel and Power BI can all be used in conjunction with MDM to help create a more rounded Marketing experience and put all of your Marketing tools in one place. More updates and features are constantly being added too meaning that MDM is consistently improving. Each updates brings new ways of doing things and extra additions that make your life easier, and make your Marketing more valuable.

Above are just a small handful of the things MDM can do to empower Marketing departments to become automated. This in turn makes a Sales team that is supported directly by Marketing to drive better results and achieve more goals.

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