Exchange Online Public Folder Control

I’ve recently been performing a migration of Legacy Exchange Public Folder from Exchange 2010 to Exchange Online. Public Folders have long been part of many an anecdote from the Exchange Consultant, and I’m pretty sure most Businesses don’t like them either.

In order to avoid the Exchange 2010 Support cut-off, I’ve migrated a reasonably large Public Folder structure to Exchange Online.  All of the users had already been migrated, and had previously been accessing through Public Folder Proxy Mailboxes.

Now that the Public Folders reside in Exchange Online, then by default all of the Exchange Online users’ Outlook client will start to display the Public Folder structure, so start to try to cache this.  The majority of users at my client were not using Public Folders, so this was just causing unnecessary client traffic, and potentially introducing delays.

There are 2 places to set the control. 

  • At the Client Level
  • At the Organizational Level

Set The Client Level

Set The client Level first, as otherwise, you may lock your actual Public Folders users out of their folders. Setting $True will allow the Outlook client to see and start to cache the Public Folders Structure.

Set-casmailbox -identity -PublicFolderClientAccess $True|$False

Set the Organizational Control

The Default is False.  i.e. no control, so Public Folders are visible. With the Value $true, then the Set-Casmailbox command for the user will take effect.

Set-OrganizationConfig -PublicFolderShowClientControl $true

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