Virtually sign documents with DocuSign

DocuSign are one of risual’s trusted partners and are innovators in the field of electronic signing and experts in the field of reducing paper waste!

With the technology that is available today, we can now consider signing pieces of paper a legacy process. This means it is an old, out-dated method which can be done quicker, more efficiently and with less resources. DocuSign provide a modern approach to signing documents. They enable electronic signing, payment, and provisioning requests to be securely and legally embedded in your existing processes. The platform integrates with popular business apps, and functionality can be embedded using API’s, allowing you to automate and streamline business-critical workflows saving time and money.

As the pioneer and global standard for electronic signature, DocuSign is changing how business gets done by empowering more than 370,000 companies and hundreds of millions of users across most countries in the world to sign and send documents anytime, anywhere. DocuSign enables individuals and organisations of every size, industry, and geography to make every agreement digital to keep life and business simple and easy.

Not only do DocuSign make it easier than ever before to sign any type of document within seconds, but they also help in the organisation and storage of documents and other materials by significantly reducing the amount of actual paperwork and clutter. Their system also automates entire workflows and lets you conduct business securely from any location. Ultimately, all of the benefits that DocuSign can provide result in reduced waste, reduced costs, and more efficient processes.

Keeping physical form of sensitive data also puts you at risk of security breaches. Choosing to store these documents digitally will allow you to put your mind at rest, knowing they are protected and secured online. Put your pens and paper away and realise the value of DocuSign.

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