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Over the last year or so, we have seen more and more organisations beginning their cloud transformations by utilising cloud services to enhance their core business operations. Organisations are now realising the value and potential of data and are using it to drive business outcomes. More businesses have now adopted the cloud than ever before to store mass quantities of data securely and have learned to harness this data. Cloud has been the hot topic in IT for a long time now, but as it becomes more the ‘norm’ and your cloud infrastructure is set up, you have to wonder, what is the next step? You are harnessing data from various sources, so how can you make that data work for you most efficiently?

Power Platform can help you take a step in the right direction. In short, Power Platform is a system that enables users to complete three key actions regarding data; analyse, act, and automate. The trio of services that allow you to do this are Power BI, PowerApps and Flow which all work together on top of your data to help boost your organisation.

The number of people discovering Power Platform and its capabilities is constantly growing, with millions of global monthly users right now. This number will only get bigger moving forward because of Power Platform’s ability to leverage transformational change through the creation of customised applications. You don’t have to look far for incredible stories of how Power Platform has been used to transform businesses and their processes, but a great one that showcases the ability of Power Platform is Nick Gill’s story: Nick Gill is a training specialist at the American Red Cross who taught himself how to use Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. With his self-taught knowledge, he transformed a process in which over 650 First Aid and CPR instructors use to order training class supplies. Learn more about how Gill has realised value from utilising what PowerPlatform has to offer here:

This is just one of thousands of examples that show what can be done when you give the right people the right tools. One of the most impressive things about Power platform is that it is not designed for any specific industry and is not targeted at any particular person. This service truly can and does transform businesses in every industry, of all sizes. So, if you have mastered your cloud infrastructure and you are looking to further drive your business with the power of your data, get in touch with us to see how you can get started.

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