Spend less time on maintenance and more time on innovation

Too many IT teams are underutilising the technology at their disposal due to spending too much time maintaining legacy infrastructure, dealing with admin tasks, and fixing daily issues. This is where risual Managed Services come in. By offloading the maintenance work that goes on behind the scenes to rMS, you can dedicate more of your time to innovating and training to add more value to your company. Meanwhile, you can leave the upkeep of your infrastructure in the trusted hands of rMS.

Although they are completely different worlds, gardening and IT can be closely compared in this instance. Whilst many people enjoy a beautiful flower bed and fresh fruit from their own garden, it is also often the case that these same people don’t enjoy the maintenance required to get this reward. The same can be said in IT in the way that whilst many technicians enjoy creating bespoke applications and using data to understand a customer, they do not enjoy the maintenance of infrastructure that keeps a business running.

One way around this issue is simply to stop managing the maintenance of infrastructure and completing admin tasks. Instead of spending your own valuable time on these processes, get someone else to do it for you! risual Managed Services have years of experience in multiple fields that really can save you time and money. From Service Delivery Management, to DevOps-as-a-Service, rMS can help you realise the benefits of a little extra support and boost the amount of time that your own employees spend on making your organisation more efficient, and increase the value that you provide for your customers.

  • 99% of cases closed within SLA
  • ITIL Compliant
  • ISO 20000 Certified
  • Rated ‘Above Expectations’ by our customers
  • All staff SC Cleared
  • 24/7 Service
  • All staff trained to MCSE

Above are just some of the endless benefits rMS can provide for your company. We have worked with companies such as UK Export Finance and Womble Bond Dickinson to help them achieve value, so you can put your trust in us to help you achieve value too.

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