The Potential of Social Media

You will know from my last blog that risual have started their own marketing business within the organisation, providing marketing services to businesses across the UK.

We have been supporting one of our clients with their social media presence. As a start-up they knew the potential of LinkedIn as a platform but needed the expertise and guidance to understand how to maximise it to its full potential. After an initial conversation we decided that the best approach would be for risual to manage and run their social media channels on behalf of them, posting appropriate content to reach a bigger audience and gain a larger following.

We are still on our journey with that client and I’m glad to say it’s a strategic relationship that has wider plans for the future, but short term we have already seen some great results from the work we have been doing for them.

  • Increase in following by 3000%
  • Increase in Impressions by 500%
  • Increase in custom button clicks by 800%

This increase in interactions on their social channels has resulted in several leads coming from social as well as supporting their existing deals in pipeline.

This success on social media alone made me want to discuss the power of social media working alongside other forms of marketing techniques. In isolation, social media is great for brand presence allowing a person to get a feel for your tone of voice, personality and values as an organisation. At risual we notice that people attending job interviews regularly mention our social media accounts and the type of content we post – leaving them with a positive outlook on the organisation.

In terms of social media for lead generation a consistent message is key. Studies prove that organisations look on a number of different platforms before making a decision to even contact a business (Social media, email marketing, website etc) if your message is consistent across all channels you will generally look like a more joined up organisation, as well as a business that has a strong and clear message, making you an expert in your field.

Digital marketing and more specifically marketing automation are techniques organisations are becoming more familiar with, it streamlines the way businesses market, allows for much more targeted content – pushing the right content to the right people. Having social media as part of the chain of automation can allow you to reach an audience outside of your database and create net new leads for the business, reach a new contact in the business, or just reaffirm your knowledge and expertise to your already existing audience – resulting in new wins.

In my next blog in plan to talk more around risual’s social media journey and our relationship with our customers and followers on social.

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