The Benefits of Teams

Last week I met with a local council to discuss the benefits of a risual Education apprenticeship and the ability to complete remote learning which for them was great news due to their location and distance from any colleges.

I met with three representatives of the council including their IT Manager who had sent me a list of technical questions that he would like answered during the meeting but rather than have these pre answered by our very knowledgeable delivery team I thought utilising teams would work really well.

Unfortunately, the council had not yet moved onto teams so using my surface and tethering onto my phone I opened teams allowing our Quality Manager to join the meeting. Using the video option and sharing his screen he was able to discuss all the ins and outs of the apprenticeship and answer all questions they had.

This went down very well.

Using teams really highlighted how you can use technology to inform and advise and they were all suitably impressed with what they saw and heard. With the Corona Virus really affecting the day to day running of businesses not only were we able to discuss the apprenticeship journey in detail we also highlighted how teams could really benefit their staff and provide them the means to work remotely without affecting the ability to collaborate and work together.

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