Ready to stand with you

A week on it hasn’t got better for sporting fans, with talk of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo potentially getting canned!

We are living through a sad time and the next few weeks will present challenges for us all.  But being an optimist, I must believe it is a moment for us to seize and risual are determined to stand with you.

From my perspective the financial crash of 08/09 and the subsequent years to follow proved to be a lost opportunity for us to conjure a renewed community spirit. It was a lost opportunity to truly accelerate the industries like artificial intelligence and technology which will power us ahead for the remainder of this century.

What has fuelled hope in me this time round has been how quickly people adjusted into our new way of life. Once people realised the technology was good enough to enable them to go about their everyday business, many have continued to try to carry on business as usual. A relief to us as a medium sized enterprise!

Of course, it is not business as usual. Councils have now been put at the heart of the response to coronavirus by delivering a national network of support to people at very high risk. We know millions of supplies have been given to the NHS and suppliers are being shipped and manufactured on a scale not seen since the Second World Ward war over 75 years ago. It is a mammoth effort, but we are all in it together.

The normalities we are used to have been shaken, but is it so bad that the supermarkets are closing earlier rather than being open 24/7 and instead people are where possible using the local shops to keep the small businesses afloat? Is it so bad that we are working from home and therefore cutting down on carbon emissions and stress levels of staff because they are not stuck in traffic jams? 

Yes, our economy is in danger and yes, our backs are against the wall, but the community spirit it is conjuring up is something to treasure and keep alive once this virus is conquered!

risual are actively talking to people about the threats of security breaches that come with increased remote working; that is why we are supporting clients implement new processes to speed up work going out of the door so they can invoice for it; that is why we are assisting organisations scale up to meet the demands on their customer service teams which are creaking under pressure. With pressure mounting daily, we need to act fast, keep calm and move forward wherever possible.

We are seizing this moment to support clients up and down the country to keep vital and critical services going to protect the most vulnerable. We are seizing this moment to support the incredible effort to keep us fit and healthy. 

risual thanks the NHS and all those working tirelessly to ensure our safety.  Just like Microsoft, risual is looking to support where we can and over the coming days, weeks and months we are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

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