Microsoft Teams in Education

With the world coming to the realisation that Microsoft Teams is the answer to their home-working challenges, let’s look at how Microsoft Teams fits in with home-learning.

Schools are moving to online classes to support the learning development of their pupils whilst also following government protocols. But how are they still delivering quality learning lessons without being face to face with their pupils?

The answer is Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams enables three key benefits to teachers and training staff who are now educating to learners in their homes. Pupils, trainers, and employees can now collaborate with one another, create joint projects, and share documents all from a single, simple, and successful platform.


Users can edit documents at the same time, share and store resources they can work on all through built-in Office 365 apps.


Teachers and pupils, managers and teams, everyone can now stay connected and keep the human interaction through gifs, emojis and of course video camera live chats!


Teams can now be personalised with your favourite education and business tools, making Microsoft Teams the answer to your business’s challenges.

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