Azure Digital Twins Spatial Graph Viewer

As Azure Digital Twins nears general availability, more tooling is starting to emerge to help create and deploy Digital Twins solutions.  The Digital Twins Graph Viewer is one such tool.  The Github repository for the tool can be found at the following link.

The Digital Twins Graph Viewer serves as a front end to interact with the Digital Twins spatial graph. The viewer makes it much easier to manipulate the spatial graph than editing the underlying JSON directly. It provides the following features.

  • Visualising the relationship between spaces, devices and sensors created in the Azure Digital Twins model
  • Add, Edit and Delete Spaces, Devices and Sensors
  • Changing the hierarchy by moving devices and spaces to different spaces
  • Viewing basic properties and values of nodes

  Setup instructions can be found in the GitHub repository, which include running it in a Docker container, but the easiest way to get it running is to publish it as an Azure hosted Web-App.

If you are developing Azure Digital Twins solutions, this tool helps to accelerate that process.

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