How to improve your LinkedIn profile

After attending a networking meeting in my favourite city of Norwich in which had a session on improving your LinkedIn profile and then attending Thom McKiernan’s excellent ‘Pimp your profile’ track at the risual summit I thought I would highlight what I thought were some useful tips to achieve a better profile.

  1. Use a professional looking headshot (remember this is not Facebook/Instagram so no wild night out pictures) and it is best if there is a white or neutral background.
  2. Use a good background picture on your profile that best represents you or your company you work for.
  3. Create a headline that is enlightening and creative using relevant keywords so you can be found easily when searched.
  4. Customise your URL.
  5. Ensure that you complete an informative summary in the ‘About’ section to highlight your role and how you can assist employers.
  6. Embed interesting media elements in the ‘Featured’ section such as blogs, images, presentations, videos etc. This really is a great way to engage and highlight what you would like to get across.
  7. Get recommendations. Having clients, managers and colleagues provide positive feedback is a great way to boost your profile.
  8. Complete all sections including previous roles, education and certification.
  9. Join LinkedIn groups, this helps in understanding other businesses ethos and requirements.
  10. Be active on LinkedIn either by liking articles/posts or publishing your own articles or reposting interesting pieces.

Understanding the components of developing a robust LinkedIn profile is a key piece of having success and it is a great way to converse and grow business.

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