Business Transformation

What is Business Transformation?

In a nutshell, Business Transformation focusses on the business itself. It doesn’t offer services to the general public (although it can do), it’s instead about improving, enhancing and simplifying business processes. These business efficiencies are being driven by changing how people collaborate and work together.

From a risual perspective, it’s about internal improvement, letting the business lead us in where they want to see improvement and where they want to see change. The aim is to provide benefits to the employees of the business, and that’s what we strive to do through Business Transformation.

Why is Business Transformation important?

Every business risual has engaged with has built up their tech capabilities over time and what generally happens is it becomes complicated and confusing. Organisations end up with silos of systems doing similar (often the same) tasks instead of having just one system.

You’ll have different departments using different systems because they need specialist automation or tech, but the basics of the systems are the same and 99% of the work they’re doing isn’t specialist it’s the same work as the other system is doing in a different department.

People want to move to a more modern way of working. People want to have the latest and greatest stuff. Business Transformation is about letting them have it and letting them reap the benefits from it.

A good exercise we use with most, if not all, of our clients, is to ask them what their business would be like if it was started today. If they could have the most modern systems and technology from the start, would it make a difference? The real answer is… yes.

How have we done Business Transformation?

The majority of our engagements start with Cloud Transformation, which is all about the technology, and often moving from this people want to innovate and revamp their current processes to fit with the latest and greatest technologies.

For example, risual engaged with a client who wanted to automate their buying process, reduce data points and decrease spreadsheets used within their processes. We used Dynamics to automate, improve and innovate their business not just by adding the technology but by getting their business to really optimise it within their processes.
Our Business Analysts worked with their departments to map their current business processes, they then worked to understand where the team wanted things to change and where we could help, by adding those automated and digital activities.
It not only gave that business huge cost savings, but they were now spending less time on labour-intensive activities and more time on innovative projects.

There’s been a huge market shift growing over the last decade, but it has really exploded in recent years. Linking contact centre and CRM solutions together to bring businesses a single picture of their customers has become an expectation for any successful business. risual is here to aid transformation, not just in one department but across the whole business.
Another example is a council now having a single view of someone who has called into their call centre, they can see rent payments, bin collections, anti-socialness and everything there is to know on that person. Giving them all the information, they need just through recognising a number, or a name.

A final example is risual’s engagement with a global air traffic organisation that was struggling with their very manual scheduling and rostering processes. Critical senior members of staff were having their time eaten up by having to do these manual initiatives constantly.
The aging applications behind these long processes could either be scrapped and re-vamped, risual and the client worked through the consequences of both and ultimately worked with what was best for the client.
risual opted to re-vamp their existing platform, which was far less expensive than scrapping it and beginning again. They transformed the way the business operated, freeing up the senior roles to more innovative and business-critical projects.

What products aid Business Transformation?

Two key products are Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, so from Power Automate to Logicapps and Power Apps. Then there’s the big player…

Microsoft Teams.

Teams is the biggest communication and collaboration tool. We want to drive this across not only our own business but our client’s businesses. Driving communication and collaboration.

Then when it comes to partners for aiding Business Transformation there’s Anywhere 365 who we’ve been partnered with for many years. They drive that integration across systems, giving organisations that one view of a client or product. All that information in the same system, readily available to access.

And finally, if you want to drive benefit and you haven’t already… DocuSign.
DocuSign is oozing with potential, the time saved from printing, posting, people-passing is immense, not to mention the cost savings and efficiencies.

This is just a small example of the potential change you can have through Business Transformation, there is so much more to explore.

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