Azure – Sustainable Savings

A lot of organisations are moving to Azure to cut down on costs, and whilst they are right to do so it’s not the only reason you should think about moving to Azure.

Whilst moving to the Cloud does increase process-efficiencies, advance your capabilities and decrease costs it also impacts massively on the environment and the sustainability of your business. Four key factors that contribute to cloud computing’s low energy and carbon emissions are:

  • Dynamic Provisioning
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Server Utilisation
  • Data Centre Efficiency

Let’s take a look at each of the factors and why you should move to Azure.

Dynamic Provisioning is the process of reducing wasted computing resources through better matching of service capacity with actual demand.

A lot like CSP, and risual’s licensing optimisation service it looks at what you’re using, what you’re not and matches the resources accordingly. Saving you money and saving resource.

Multi-Tenancy is hosting multiple organisations and users on shared infrastructure to reduce the amount of infrastructure being used per user or organisation. This allows the flattening of peak loads because all services, organisations and users are hosted efficiency on one or a few infrastructures.

Server Utilisation is about hosting servers at higher utilisation rates, making the most of the resources at our fingertips by using them as much as we can. Reducing waste, increasing or decreasing resources where need be and making sure we have exactly what we need when we need it.

Data Centre Efficiency can be done through the advanced data centre infrastructure designs that reduce power loss through improving cooling, power conditioning and more.

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