Adapting to Change

When you think of risual, you most likely think of IT services and support, and you would be correct! For 15 years risual have been providing IT Consultancy and Managed Services to public and private sector organisations across the UK (we have thrown in an apprenticeship scheme for good measure too!)

The pace of change we experience at risual is something which is engrained in ‘risualites’ – after 7 years arguably it’s normal to me! Looking at new ways we can help customers, techniques to improve and get better at what we do. I recently returned from maternity leave after having my first child, after having 6 months off I came back part time for a few months and built up to fulltime. I think sometimes it’s hard to see change unless you step back from the environment you’re in, coming back from maternity leave really showed me how much risual adapts with the changing landscape. Happenings such as Brexit, constantly changing customer requirements and technology are just some of the factors that encouraged a massive amount of change in the 6 months I was off.

It was when I returned that I was asked to set up a marketing services organisation within the business. Anyone who knows me knows that marketing is ‘my thing’, even though I am in much more of a strategic role these days, getting hands on with event management or content writing is always something I believe you should never lose touch of, but the thought of changing my skills and selling rather than executing, to be quite frank, sent me into a mild state of panic.

Although the nerves were there, when I sat down and thought about putting together packages and offerings, it dawned on me, I sell to my internal business all the time. Encouraging other employees to join social media and share our content, getting buy in from the sales team on a new campaign that we are launching, without realising I’ve pretty much spent the last 7 years selling marketing internally within risual. Whilst doing this, some pretty cool projects, campaigns, events and even better results have emerged. Working at risual has allowed me to build an epic portfolio, from headline sponsoring Microsoft’s event – Future Decoded (those who follow us will know the approach we took to that event – if not just search risual’s corporate videos), all the way through to creating an IT landscape report at the end of every year, which is read by people in the IT industry all over the UK. It made me realise the knowledge and portfolio of items on the list are extensive.

I’m still at the start of this journey, but with a customer now onboard and seeing the fruits of my labour my initial ‘mild state of panic’ is starting to fade, I’m gaining more confidence and enjoy the state of change earlier discussed. I’m going to keep writing about my journey and start to share some of the exciting projects we work on internally at risual as well as the work I’m starting to do with customers, so stay tuned.

p.s If you would like to know more about our marketing services offerings please do not hesitate to get in touch (shameless plug I know, but this blog is about selling, right?)

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