Why Cloud is Driving Innovation

Although created in the 1960s Cloud computing wasn’t introduced to the public until the 1980s and since then we’ve seen, particularly in the last 10 years, it has become a key buzzword. Along with ‘digital’ and ‘data,’ these trends have steered the working world into a more modern workplace. Lots of people are now taking advantage of the cloud services but for someone totally out of the loop what does that mean?

Moving to the cloud isn’t just a lift and shift of data as a lot of businesses seem to think it is. In simple terms, cloud computing is multiple services under one banner, including platforms, networking, software, analytics, artificial intelligence, storage and much more…

The latest Microsoft technologies developed under the banner of the Cloud are offering faster innovation, new-found flexibility and scalability to suit business needs. For example, the days of being stuck in a 5 or even 10-year contract are over, you no longer have to pay for 1000 licenses even though you need 783. The age of flexible services is here, the age of innovative and collaborative teams is here… The age of the Cloud is here.

Now let’s talk innovation.

More often than not IT teams are firefighting on-premise hardware issues, fixing problems that don’t even need to be problems with the Cloud. Cloud computing removes the need for hardware to be on-site and it doesn’t even need to be monitored by your IT team anymore. So instead of fixing the servers again, your IT team has just come up with a detailed strategy to increase tech efficiencies throughout the whole business – sound better?

The cloud landscape has changed dramatically from its introduction in the 1980s to what it is now, and it is fair to say that it is likely to develop further in the coming years. Although moving to the cloud is the best course of action for most businesses, with the changing times there needs to be changing technologies.

Applications that were once managed on-premise are now being hosted in the cloud, something that Microsoft or your Microsoft Partner will monitor. Your application services can now be optimised to the fullest of their capabilities under the guidance of Managed Services experts.

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