Unable to log into Microsoft Teams Desktop Application!

So recently we have come across an issue with logging into Microsoft teams however we have been able to log into other Microsoft apps following a password change. The error we were seeing for this was as follows:

We also had the company logo above this pointing us to believe this isn’t just a generic error.

The symptoms of this were strange as they were different to everyone, some managed to still sign in if they closed the error box, some got kicked off after time and some couldn’t sign in at all. We had tried all the usual troubleshooting such as:

  1. Clearing credential manager.
  2. Checking event viewer and looking into the application errors that are thrown up

3. Putting on basic teams logging

4. Put on advanced logging

5. Ran a network trace with process monitor

In the log analysis we discovered the issue was with an authentication problem with sending the token, this then sent us into ADFS.

To fix this issue you need to do the following:

Log onto the primary ADFS server and open up the management console and select ‘Configuring Authentication Policies’:

You will then see the settings that are enabled for both extranet and intranet. In my case forms authentication was enabled for extranet (hence working from an external network) but it was not enabled for intranet. A quick change of the settings to reflect the above resolved the issue for all users.


Hope this helps!

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