IT Landscape Report 2020

As we concluded 2019, a number of risual employees collaborated to create the annual IT Landscape Report. This report comprises our own internal research in the form of a client survey, as well as external research from Gartner, Forrester, McKinsey and Deloitte.

In this report we cover common industry challenges that have been highlighted in recent times, as well as provide an insight into what 2020 holds for you and the technologies that we are expecting to burst onto the scene. As you will know, advancement in technology really drives businesses towards increased process efficiency and is the main driving force for driving down costs. Edge and Quantum computing are two very exciting and promising technologies that are expected to take off this year. Download our report to find out more!

As you might expect, this report covers many different cloud-based topics such as data, as well as other digital solutions and trends that we have highlighted from our research. The need for business development and modernisation is also covered as we wanted to express that technology cannot just evolve on its own, instead employees and business structure must also evolve with it. Learn why it is so important to ensure that your business transformation occurs in tandem with your cloud and digital transformation to ensure a successful transition, or further development into the digital world.

After talking about what the future may hold for you and what technologies are currently being developed, we also offer you an insight into risual’s plans for 2020. It is always important to adapt and change with the times and here at risual we would like to offer you this report so that you may also find it easier to evolve, adapt and overcome whatever it is that 2020 has in store for you.

For more details on what is covered in this report, please see the contents:

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