Cloud Transformation

What does Cloud Transformation mean to risual?

If you think in the last 5/10 years ‘Cloud’ was just coming into its own, however, in the last decade, it has come a long way. Now, becoming more comprehensive – morphing itself into:

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Delivering services through the Cloud is like the bedrock to other transformations, in order to achieve the scale of capability people need to utilise the Cloud.

People still stuck with on-premise environments are still struggling each time a device or system refresh happens. Spending high capital expenditure costs to maintain their current technology and environments. With Cloud, it allows employees to become much more interactive with services that they offer, regardless of what they offer.

From risual’s perspective, risual’s portfolio perspective, it is broken down into two major areas:

  • Cloud Platform
  • Modern Workplace

Cloud Transformation gives you countless possibilities: improvements to customer experiences, streamlining operating models and increasing innovation.

Furthermore, in moving to the Cloud you can improve the way you manage risk. The Cloud is much more secure and resilient than other on-premise options, it is constantly being updated and improved by Microsoft, so you won’t be left behind.

The triggers of Cloud Transformation make you think about new opportunities, whether it be the expiry of systems, compliance, and governance, new regulations or laws. If you think about it from a Cloud Platform perspective, you’re looking at running out of space or storage in your current systems, looking at availability or redundancy.

Cloud allows you an evergreen scenario.


What is the Cloud Platform?

If you think about an in-house managed datacentre, with Cloud transferring all that data and storage to the cloud alleviates the pain of buying, implementing and managing Cloud services.

Most people know the term ‘Lift and Shift’ but Cloud enables so much more than that.

Cloud Platform allows risual to work with their clients to formulate an idea and strategy on where the organisation wants and needs to go to improve. Tailoring each engagement and solution to that specific client’s challenge or desire.

For example, the UK public sector requires different levels of security whereas the private sector have different challenges and risual is prepared and experienced to manage and overcome all of these. We’ve got a solid baseline of Azure experts so we can tackle these challenges head-on.

Our latest accreditation, the Azure Expert MSP is proof from Microsoft that we have the expertise, experience, and ability to do this. This accreditation goes hand in hand with our security and consultancy capabilities, but it doesn’t end there…

  • Azure Migrate
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • Azure Services Technologies

It’s not just about enhancing the technology but about enhancing the people in those roles, who will be engaging and interacting with the tech day-in and day-out.

Although Cloud Platform does work hand in hand with Modern Workplace they are differentiated for a reason. Cloud Platform is all about re-investing how clients deliver their infrastructure service, helping them to become more efficient and continually driving value through freeing up resources.

We know that the skills of the modern age are different from yesterday and we need to make sure that not only are we prepared but everyone else is too.

Transforming IT operations is essential to the Cloud Platform, enabling people to think and do differently. But it’s not just about getting to the Cloud, it’s also about optimising you when you’re there.

Often clients don’t have the capacity to support the Cloud Services they need so that’s once again where risual comes in.

A lot of the work we did to gain the Azure Expert MSP accreditation was done by our risual Managed Services team, who are incredibly competent – creating unique services on top of the services we already provide, e.g.:

  • Azure Optimisation
  • Licensing Guidance/Advice
  • Driving Value Constantly


What does Modern Workplace mean to risual?

Generally, Modern Workplace is about empowering employees by creating secure, reliable and productive workplaces that embrace diversity – embracing different workplaces and environments.

Modern Workplace is about enabling people to get things done, to work from anywhere and everywhere, aiming to drive empowerment and increase general happiness and productivity. We want to get our clients to a position where productivity and general happiness are at the forefront. Connecting people, organisations, partners, and suppliers together.

The aim of the Modern Workplace is to change the mindsets of employees, unlocking their talent and our portfolio approach centres around that. We don’t view it as just one engagement, we want to engage across the organisation with the end-users who are going to use the tech on the front lines. Motivating them to understand where the tech fits in and where they fit into the business.

It’s about passing over the knowledge we have, completing a knowledge transfer with our client’s employees to ensure that across all levels of the organisation they have the tools and the knowledge to thrive in their new environment.

As mentioned before, it is crucial that you look at Cloud Transformation before the likes of Business and Digital Transformation. It allows critically important change to any organisation, the first step on their journey of transformation.

Cloud Transformation isn’t just about the technology, it’s not about doing one tactical piece of work and then moving on. It’s about the more strategic, long term plans of that business and how we can help make that a reality.

The question we get our clients to ask ourselves most often is “If your business started today, what technology would you use?” and often the response is widely different from the technology they are using. That’s where risual comes in to make that change, to make that transformation and to really drive value.

However, one point that if you’re looking at making a move to Cloud or transforming your tech that you must remember is unlike technology people have less capacity for change. Change fatigue is a real thing so when it comes to our solutions and our implementation its not just about the technology it’s about how it is going to affect the people using it. Giving employees that successful work/life balance, empowering them to embrace change and feel empowered is one of our key motivators for change and something we keep at the heart of all our engagements.


Cloud is huge a huge topic from Office 365 Productivity to Modern Workplace Strategy or Readiness Assessment there is so much to cover. We want our clients to understand the art of the possible and to optimise the tech at their fingertips.

Our rMS (risual Managed Services) has developed multiple offerings that sit on top of our Optimise and Support services: platform support, cloud solution providers, licensing optimisation/guidance, o365 support, security optimisation, managed telephony gateway support – a whole raft of services designed to drive value.

The difference between Cloud Platform and Modern workplace is that Cloud Platform focusses heavily on Cloud Operations whereas Modern Workplace focusses more heavily on employees. If you look at Modern Workplace you can sit forever designing a solution, because everyone wants the latest and greatest thing straight away. You can think about collaborating better, quicker, with more efficiency and that is key to all risual solutions.

We think about drive communication and collaboration, having something that our clients can use and engage with easily.

Thinking about transformation isn’t just about the technology but also about the licensing, that’s often a big thing that people forget or don’t allocate time to. Some people still give everyone E3 licenses as the default position, but some of their end-users only use email and that’s it whereas some of their more technical people go into far more technicality so need more tools.

risual’s Managed Service team is here to back up our clients and decided what do organisations need and who from that organisation needs what.

Often it changes the way organisations think about transformation, transforming the way they think about cost and service management – the way they deliver back to the business.

Another key takeaway from Cloud Transformation is that a lot of people are talking about adoption, Microsoft is pushing the adoption of more Cloud services but that doesn’t mean it’s the right decision.

As an organisation as you transform you should be looking at not adopting but exploiting the investment you’ve made, you want to reap as much value as possible from what you have before you adopt something else.

Cloud Transformation is simply about exploiting the true capabilities and potential of what you have, adapting for change, and making people more intuitive about technology.

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