AI.DATALIFT: Taking Control of the Uncontrollable

At risual we back Automated Intelligence’s vision statement, “empowering organisations to take control of their data, so they can take control of their future” 

But what does this mean to your organisation?  

The very term “taking control” implies something is out of control– unmanageable and disorderly.  

And for many organisations, that’s exactly how they would describe the current state of their information.  

Automated Intelligence’s AI.DATALIFT is a cloud-based solution, giving organisations the ability to manage their data throughout its entire lifecycle. 

Data management is a broad and comprehensive term. Is it storing data, protecting data, processing data? For us, it’s all the above and more.  

In a nutshell, AI.DATALIFT allows organisations to understand the data they hold, cleanse it, effectively govern itapply policies to it, migrate it to the cloud, and add additional solutions on top of it, such as a GDPR workflow. It’s making data compliant, accessible and reliable for your users. 

AI.DATALIFT is not simply a migration solution and in fact, migration is part of the transformational change.  

No one migration is the same. There are many challenges when moving to the cloud – legacy systems, not wanting to take across zero-value content, not understanding what risk the content may contain, links within spreadsheets, maintaining the metadata from source and implementing that in the new destinationThe list goes on.  

Traditionally businesses who want to migrate data are doing so from a platform or application that has been superseded by new technologies, and often is end of life. So, there’s a panic to move the data quickly.  

With AI.DATALIFT, you can truly understand your data before the urgent need to migrate – and that includes how your business is acquiring data, using data, storing data, and consuming data.  

If you do not improve the data as you move to a new environment, user adoption becomes harder and of course, it is not cost effective either.  

With AI.DATALIFT you can migrate at a time when you are ready, when you’ve done the hard work and prepared your environment.  

In other words, taking control of your data to deliver the anticipated benefits of digital transformation. 

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