It’s the Age of Digital

In this modern world, it’s all about the tech… From the NHS to schools to big corporate businesses there’s technology embedded within every sector. 

risual’s Digital Transformation portfolio is here to make the difference, the digital difference, to companies who may be struggling to embrace this more-technology focussed age. Our three key offerings within the Digital portfolio are designed by our experts to inform the customer’s on how to achieve success, develop comprehensive strategies to develop insights and drive the adoption of digital services.

Digital Transformation Awareness

This particular offering is designed to work with customers through the understanding of key concepts and provide recommendations to improve services. To help identify opportunities that can better drive customer engagement through digital services.


  • Introduces understanding of Digital Transformation
  • Creates opportunities to drive digital culture change
  • Gains understanding of customer journeys & engagement within specific sectors
  • Engages with the digital ecosystem


  • Develops unique insights into how digital is shaping specific sectors
  • Allows an understanding of the value of data
  • Identifies business processes that can benefit from robotic process automation
  • Introduces understanding on how to drive digital culture change
  • Challenges current ways of thinking and explores new technology

Digital Strategy and Roadmap

Through this offering, we work with senior stakeholders across the business to identify current initiatives and develop and comprehensive strategy and visual roadmap that aligns current plans with future direction to develop deeper insights and increase customer participation in your digital services.


  • Identifies opportunities to transform customer-facing services
  • Engages at all levels within businesses
  • Identifies benefits that can be achieved through transformation
  • Allows understanding of existing capabilities
  • Plans for increased user attraction and engagement
  • Aligns your strategy with the Digital Design Standard
  • Drives digital culture change


  • Assesses current strategy, business initiatives, and current technology
  • Profile current data assets
  • Perform data analysis
  • Performs value chain and capability mapping
  • Develops a clearly defined digital product and service strategy
  • Define what success looks like
  • Creates a detailed digital transformation roadmap

Digital Branding and Marketing, Assessment, Strategy, and Delivery

This offering allows organisations to drive adoption of digital services through clear, consistent marketing and communication activities, aligned to the Government Service Manual and Digital Design Standard. With comprehensive marketing skills across a wide range of media channels, providing a cost-effective marketing approach.


  • Builds awareness and knowledge of digital products and services
  • Increases adoption of digital services
  • Meets UK Government Service Manual
  • Meets Technology Code of Practice
  • Meets UK Government Digital Design Standard
  • Maintains currency with emerging technology and marketing products/services


  • Delivered by Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), members
  • Helps organisations with digital marketing and innovation strategies
  • Develops digital product/service launch marketing and communications
  • Supports search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Engages in social media, telemarketing campaigns, and event management services
  • Conducts marketing research and analysis with content-driven marketing
  • Delivers brand definition, awareness and design services
  • Provides user experience and graphic design services

risual is here to help our client move into the digital age with confidence, efficiency, and success. 

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